Whole foods the whole time. The pantry upgraders elevating the everyday.

Everiday Packaging Design

Made Better

Everiday are upgrading the world's pantry shelves, one delicious food at a time. From granola to condiments, Everiday's 'Whole Foods the Whole Time' rule means they make the foods we love, but only with better-for-you ingredients.

Founded by nutritionist and nomad Ri Rupani, Everiday's flavours take inspiration from different cultures all over the world. Our modular design system is built for rapid and reactive growth throughout global categories, making it ideal for the brand's limitless pantry upgrade ambitions.

The distinct calendar grid represents the brand name and is designed to be paired with the typographic logo in varying ways for different ranges, creating an eclectic yet unified brand look. Primary packs are non-specific and adorned with individually designed secondary labels and wraps, allowing the brand to innovate and trial at pace.

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Everiday Packaging Design
Everiday Brand Design
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Everiday Packaging Design
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Everiday Brand Design
Everiday Brand Design