Small Giants

Little critters on a big mission. The planet-positive snackers making giant leaps.

Small Giants Packaging Design


Humans have been eating insects for centuries, but not so much in the west. So Small Giants are smashing taboos with gourmet cracker ranges baked with cricket flour. Why? Crickets are super sustainable, truly wholesome and outrageously delicious.

Our design strategy makes the weird wonderful. We turn the perception of bugs on its head through a confident personality, loud colour palette and an orchestra of oversized crickets. Proud to be different, the oddly endearing cast no longer make you jump, they make you smile. Our rebrand changes yuk to yum and positions Small Giants as the artisan changemakers. So if you like your snacks a little unusual and a lot sustainable, we give you Small Giants.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Brand World
  • ADC
  • Dieline
  • FAB Awards X2
  • World Brand Society
  • UK Packaging Awards
Small Giants Packaging Design
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Small Giants Packaging Design
Small Giants Packaging Design
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Small Giants Brand Design
Small Giants Brand Design
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