Re-imagining a classic for Woodford Reserve, the bartender's favourite bourbon.

Scope: Range Naming, Packaging Design, Brand World.

When a cocktail has been made the same way for over 130 years, re-imagining the way it’s made is always going to be controversial. But when the brand behind the world’s favourite bourbon is championing this innovation, it just might work.

Woodford Reserve created an Old Fashioned Syrup designed to add quality and speed to the making of the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. This new product development needed a packaging design and a visual style that was premium, authentic and undeniably Woodford.

Initially launching with the Bartender’s Edition, the design takes its lead from the sophisticated brand architecture of Woodford Reserve. Apothecary-style structures add a sense of experimental drink-making and are labelled with tactility and texture. We also created new brand iconography which now sits within the global brand tool-kit.

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