Untamed, straight-talking and deliciously honest.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand World.
Awards: DBA Design Effectiveness, Pentawards.

21,000 bars sold in the first two weeks. £2 million turnover in four years. A £3 million investment acquisition valuing the company at £10million. Founder Suzie Walker’s commitment to her brand has paid dividends.

From the beginning, our brand creation had a brave and simple vision, ‘real food untamed’. Launching into a market crowded with macho sports-themed bars with huge ingredients decks, Primal Pantry’s paleo-inspired ingredients list is refreshingly short. Made with a maximum of five ingredients, the whole-food unprocessed products have nothing to hide.

The brand wears its confidence on its sleeve, and even answers difficult questions like, “Why are your bars so expensive?” with “Because real food costs money.” Our minimal primal-inspired aesthetic and bold personality helped Primal Pantry smash expectations and win an army of loyal fans. Proving that honesty is always the best policy.

“Our products can be made in anyone’s kitchen. The biggest asset we have is our branding, it’s what people remember.” Suzie Walker, Founder.


Orders in the first two weeks of launch.


Turnover in the first four years since launch.


Investment based on a recognisable brand.


International markets now selling Primal bars.

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