Little critters, big mission. The planet-positive snack making giant leaps in sustainable eating.

Scope: Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand World.
Awards: ADC, Dieline, FAB Awards, World Brand Design Society, UK Packaging Awards.

Humans have been eating insects for centuries. But not here in the west. Small Giants are smashing the taboo with gourmet cracker ranges baked with cricket flour. Why crickets? Crickets are super sustainable, truly wholesome and outrageously delicious.

‘Making the weird, wonderful’ was our design strategy. Through a disruptively loud colour palette, a confident personality and an orchestra of oversized crickets, we turned the perceived weirdness of eating bugs on its head. Oddly endearing, the cricket characters appear here there and everywhere, making you jump but also making you think by way of a witty, informative tone of voice.

Our rebrand goes big on weirdness, changes yuk to yum and positions Small Giants as powerful changemakers. If you like your snacks a little unusual and a lot sustainable, we give you Small Giants.

“The strategic process was a revelation to us, instead of hundreds of words, Midday showed us how to sum up everything in three words.” Francesco Majno Co-founder.


Sainsbury’s listings in the weeks following the rebrand.


Grocery & design press articles of the rebrand.


Investment acquired following the rebrand.


Grams of greenhouse emmissions per Kg.

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