Women-owned and proudly diverse, the US distillery driven by its community.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand World, Packaging Design, Rebrand.

Republic Restoratives Distillery is the largest women-owned, crowd-funded distillery in the US. Founded by Pia and Rachel, this is more than just a drinks company. It’s a vibrant community of diverse people united by their drive to redefine what it is to be American. 

As a women-owned, LGBTQ-led brand in a male-dominated spirits industry, they work hard to disrupt every day, and are inspired by an incredible community of supporters all thirsty for change.

Our repositioning gave them a louder voice on their journey from their DC roots to a wider audiences – outspokenly, disruptively American all the way.

“We are a diverse, vibrant community united by our values and what it really means to be an American.” Pia Carusone, Founder.

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