Outspoken, disruptive, American. The women-owned and community-funded distillery creating the future of tradition.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand World, Packaging Design, Rebrand.

Republic Restoratives Distillery is America’s largest crowd-funded distillery and also one of the few women-owned and operated distilleries in the world. For its founders, Pia and Rachel, this is more than a spirits company – this is a diverse, vibrant community of people brought together by their drive to redefine what it is to be American.

Inspired by tradition, the DC-based distillery is respectful of the past but intent on re-imagining the future of quality American spirits, for everyone. At a pivotal moment for the distillery, our repositioning prepares them to transcend their DC roots and reach the wider American audience.

Representing the brand’s overwhelming sense of community, togetherness and hope, the human-focussed brand icon sits at the centre of a powerful, no-nonsense typographic brand. The industrial colour palette and material choices are inspired by its urban roots. The brand’s outspoken personality comes from the powerful community that makes up the Republic Restoratives team.

Outspoken, Disruptive, American.

“As a women-owned, LGBTQ led brand in the spirits industry, I know that we’re different. It’s a very male-dominated industry, we are working to disrupt it every day and have an incredible community of supporters helping to drive that change.” Pia Carusone, Founder.

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