Gut goodness. Modernising the traditional world of fermentation with a lively brand identity.

Scope: Brand Naming, Brand Creation, Packaging Design, Brand World.

Launching with Raw Slaws, the gutsy founders of Hurly Burly are bringing the big flavours and never-ending health benefits of fermented foods to the UK mainstream – and they’re amazing.

Admittedly it’s just pickled cabbage, but it’s what’s going on inside the jar that’s so interesting. Crammed into each tightly sealed pack are billions of live cultures infinitely working away to produce friendly bacteria for our gut health.

Inspired by this liveliness, the brand name and vibrant identity illustrate the never-ending process of fermentation; demanding attention with impactful colour palettes which come directly from the bold and punchy flavour. The topsy-turvy logo can be read in all directions and repeated to create a perpetual brand graphic.

Wildly different in style from the world of traditional Bavarian products, the identity is unapologetically modern and effortlessly translates across all brand communications – from packaging to print and beyond.

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