Bundlz. A bright, bold brand world crammed with random surprises.

Scope: Brand Naming, Brand Creation, Packaging Design, Brand World.
Awards: FAB Awards.

Bundlz, from the people at Real Handful, take oats, raisins and cereals and bundle them in yoghurt to create the perfect playground snack. This was Real Handful’s debut into kids snacking, and we gave them much more than just pack designs.

Going with the idea of ‘individuality’, we created a brand world where no two ‘Bundlz’ are the same. Born from a random yoghurty blob, all Bundlz characters are unique and express themselves through shape, clothes and accessories.

Bright, joyful packs lead through into the brand world where the fun really begins. With a hand-drawn doodle and stickers that come in every box, we invite kids (and grownups) to create and share their very own Bundlz – with the chance of making it onto packs if they’re funny enough.

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