Meet the Bundlz - a group of awesomely random yoghurt blobs that are full of surprises.

Scope: Brand Naming, Brand Creation, Packaging Design, Brand World.
Awards: FAB Awards.

Oats, raisins and cereal bundled together in yoghurt and perfect for the playground – introducing Bundlz!

As Real Handful take their first steps into the kids snacking aisle, we decided to create much more than just a pack design. Presented with a product where no two ‘Bundlz’ are the same, we created a brand that champions individuality. Born from a random yoghurty blob, all Bundlz characters are unique, expressing themselves through shape, clothes and accessories.

The packs are bright and expressive but it’s the brand world where the fun really begins. With a hand-drawn doodle and the stickers that come in every box, we invite kids (and grown ups) to create their very own Bundlz and to share their creations – they may even make the next pack if they’re funny enough.

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