Sixpence Stout

Working in collaboration with East London brewery, Tap East, we created a Limited Edition Christmas beer with the seasonal flavour profile of a liquid Christmas Pudding. The product name is inspired by the Sixpence coin traditionally baked into a Christmas pudding in Victorian times for prosperity. Our design references the Christmas pudding through the typography and brandy sauce inspired waxing on the neck of the bottle. A luxurious tasting craft beer with an indulgent look to match.

 Naming / Packaging

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Sixpence Stout
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Through design we increase appeal, providing clarity and adding interest to brands that strive for better. Intuition is at the core of everything we do, casting a discerning eye to create relevant, exciting design that challenges preconceived ideas. Design that stands out and sticks around.

Fully immersing ourselves into each project, we ask questions and scrutinise, but most importantly we listen. A clear understanding of the challenge is integral to our success and ensures for an effective and lasting outcome.

With comprehensive industry experience our team have created and developed for some of the world’s most successful brands including Absolut, Bacardi, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy, Innocent Drinks, & Stella Artois.

Creative partners Will Gladden & Claudio Vecchio.


Our services include Brand Identity, Strategy, Packaging, Print, Naming & Tone of Voice.

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Our team has comprehensive industry experience with some of the world’s most successful brands.

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